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24/7 live - TOUR

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Come join British-Chinese pop artist Le Fil, as he, she or it explores a 24/7 world of gay-straight men, desire and objectification through a fusion of gender-bending performance art, hip-thrusting dance, twisted autobiography and kaleidoscopic music from his Nightlife EP .

This pop-gig-with-extras opens its doors to cruising toilets, bad romances and the modern constructions of gender that package us up for consumption. Armed with killer hooks and queer looks, Le Fil is ready to smash gender stereotypes one song at a time.

Try before you buy folks, it’s open 24/7… how will you have yours?

'A living, breathing pop sculpture!' Attitude

'Sparkingly original' QX Magazine



Pop Sculpture EP

Pop Sculpture

(pŏp) (skŭlp′chər)


An expansive term to describe an artwork or sculpture created with or inspired by pop music or popular culture.

A fluid interpretation of sculpture to include physical artefact, costume, visual image, sound, installation, performance, gatherings: to witness a piece of a pop sculpture 

pop sculptur-al adj.



A living, breathing Pop Sculpture
— Attitude Magazine

Le Fil is the new British-Chinese pop artist and performer who should be perking up your attention right now. Hailing from Huddersfield, and residing in London - the androgynous artist's current Nightlife EP features uplifting, euphoric songs like 24/7 and Genesis, that fuse memorable melodies, powerful vocals and catchy hooks inside an electronic soundscape. Le Fil fuses his music with dance, performance art and a visionary aesthetic to deliver pop gigs with extras, that are altogether entertaining, subversive and thought provoking – leaving you gagging for more!

The name is an abbreviated version of the artists’ birth name Philip. Secondly it refers to his androgyny through the French masculine appropriation of the term ‘the girl’ (la fille). Finally when translated in French, Le Fil means the thread, which the artist has taken to symbolize ‘a continuing thread’ that weaves together his diverse range of disciplines and ideas.  As both the sculptor and the sculpture, Le Fil uses his body, skills and art to challenge notions of gender and identity. 

Le Fil is an advocate of LGBTQ rights, gender fluidity and self-expression. He also regularly performs with LGBTQ group Sink The Pink at epic venues like The Troxy and O2 Brixton Academy alongside. Le Fil also features in gender-related campaigns such as Selfridge’s groundbreaking gender utopia video AgenderLe Fil is currently the face of Smirnoff's #WeAreOpen campaign celebrating cultural diversity, queer nightlife and non-binary communities. In addition, Le Fil collaborated with Toyota on the #GoYourOwnWay project to produce a one-off pop music art spectacle to celebrate self-expression and transformations.

With an irrepressible vision set on taking our sonic and cultural landscape into the future, we should all be keeping our eyes and ears on this exciting pop sculpture...









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