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Debut ep out now


Pop Sculpture 

(pŏp) (skŭlp′chər)


  1. An expansive term to describe an artwork or sculpture created with or inspired by pop music or popular culture.
  2. A fluid interpretation of sculpture to include physical artefact, visual image, sound, installation, performance, gatherings: to witness a piece of a pop sculpture 

pop sculptur-al adj.

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Pop Sculpture EP

by Le Fil


Music video made in collaboration with Le Fil and Boldiszar CR at Arcadia Missa Gallery



Music video made in collaboration with Le Fil and Coral & Sebastien



Music video made in collaboration with Le Fil and Oskar Proctor


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An arresting combination of image and talent that makes you sit up and take note
— OutThere Magazine

Le Fil is the new British-Chinese artist, performer and composer who should be perking up your attention right now. Hailing from Huddersfield, and residing in London - the androgynous artist released his debut EP 'Pop Sculpture' last year featuring six electro-industrial pop songs including 'Black' and ‘Future Is Now’.

Not only is Le Fil a talented singer songwriter, he is truly a hands on artist that constructs all the elements surrounding his music from directing music videos to making props and costumes for his photographs and shows - even including designing for famous clients like pop icon Lady Gaga and the English National Ballet. 

With unique storytelling, impressive vocals and an energetic performance style - Le Fil is truly working his way up from the underground and creating an alluring buzz.  Fil has already featured in Selfridges' 'Agender' campaign video, as well as being spotted by producer Frankmusik, who will produce the entire second EP.

With an irrepressible vision set on taking our sonic and cultural landscape into the future, we should all be keeping our eyes and ears on this exciting pop sculpture...








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